Baby Room

Baby room – for babies from 3 months – 2 years. 
Key carer system – with no more than four children per key carer group

At Pride and Joy Day Nursery we understand how precious your baby is to you. Leaving to go to work is likely to stir up all kinds of emotions, for both you and baby. Particularly in the first few weeks. So knowing that your little bundle of joy is safe and happy is tremendously important.

Your child will be in the hands of experienced professional staff who have attended specific, “Caring for and teaching babies & children from birth – three years old ”

To ease the transition into nursery, we use a key person approach which has proven to be very successful over the years. This means that your baby will have a specific person who will care for them directly, so your baby feels emotionally safe. To begin the process, you will work together with your baby’s key person to slowly settle them into the nursery environment. Leaving your child only when they feel secure and comfortable in your absence.

This process will give you peace of mind, allowing you to proceed with your day. Safe in the knowledge that your child is in the best possible care.

All our staff are experienced professionals specifically trained in, “Caring for and teaching babies & children from birth – three years old.”

The baby room itself is equipped with a separate changing room, a sleep room and small milk kitchen. The main room is baby proofed and ultra-safe for tiny wandering hands, with plenty of space to crawl.  Mostly floor based it allows for babies to manoeuvre around, as they learn to walk and explore their environment.

baby room
foundation room

Foundation Room

The Foundation room is occupied by children aged between 2-5years.
Key carer system – with no more than eight children per key carer group.

The foundation room is a modern and spacious room. Here toddlers and pre-school children can learn and develop with a multitude of resources.

The room is divided into a number of play areas with self-serve storage. This enables children to choose what they want to play with.

Each section also has tables with adult led activities. 

In the book corner, teachers bring their groups together  for storytime and music sessions. Children have the option of sitting and reading an interesting book from our large collection. 

There are sections allocated for language, literacy, maths and small world.

We have incorporated the all essential messy play area with sand and water, painting, arts and crafts.